Donating blood plasma for therapy

The act of giving blood has saved numerous lives. Patients undergoing surgery or victims of trauma/assaults/accidents who have lost large amounts of blood need transfusion of fresh blood from healthy people to survive. When a person loses a lot of blood quickly, the body goes into a shock and eventually organs stop functioning. Also, patients of chronic blood- related disorders like thalassemia require blood transfusions on a regular basis.

May 8th is observed as the World Red Cross day. The Red Cross 

Our blood contains a number of different components, each with specific functions. The major component is plasma ,it contains water, proteins, nutrients required for body cells and waste materials collected from different parts of the body. Red blood cells carry oxygen to the cells so that they can respire. White blood cells are a part of the body’s immune system and help protect against diseases. Platelets contain substances that make the blood clot during an injury.

The blood plasma contains specific antibody molecules that the immune system develops against pathogens like bacteria and viruses that cause serious infectious diseases. For example, patients who have recovered from a COVID 19 infection are likely to have specific antibodies against the COVID 19 virus in their blood. Plasma donated by these patients could help save the lives of others suffering from serious COVID 19  infections. This method of treating COVID 19 patients, known as convalescent plasma therapy comes as a ray of hope amidst the global pandemic.

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