Myths about Mental Health

1.     Mental Health Issues imply Lower Intelligence There is no evidence that suggests that those with mental health issues have lower levels of intelligence. Anyone can have a mental illness regardless of their intelligence, and social and financial well-being. 2.     Mental Health Issue is a sign of a person’s weakness Mental … Continue reading “Myths about Mental Health”

Myths about Menstruation

Menstruation has always been viewed as taboo in several cultures. The major reason is due to the multiple myths associated with it. Understanding the origin of these myths is important to eradicate these myths. Three of the common myths are enlisted below and have been debunked. 1.     One is not supposed to go … Continue reading “Myths about Menstruation”

Homophobia in Science

May 17 was observed as the International Day Against  Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. Indian academic spaces for a long time have been homophobic and transphobic. Many research fellows, students and even scientists pass homophobic and transphobic comments at the workplace, discriminate against queer and trans people who are fellow students or colleagues and rarely face … Continue reading “Homophobia in Science”

Vaccine Booster Dose Gap

Vaccines mimic an actual infection by a microbial pathogen like a bacteria or virus, cause our bodies to react to it and produce combative antibodies and thus provide protection from naturally occurring infectious agents. The protection provided by a vaccine makes the individual “immunized”. A vaccine can imitate a pathogen contain an alive or dead … Continue reading “Vaccine Booster Dose Gap”

COVID Crisis frontline: Crematorium and Cemetery workers

Officially, more than 4000 people are dying everyday of Covid19 infection and the unavailability of basic healthcare facilities in India. The people who are involved in cremation or burial of the dead or  those conducting the last rites in accordance with religious or cultural traditions  have been instructed to wear appropriate personal protective equipment. The … Continue reading “COVID Crisis frontline: Crematorium and Cemetery workers”


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